About this Blog

I have always loved the idea that God is more than just a name or even idea; rather, that God is a verb. In God, we “live and move and have our being”. Everything we do is a response to what God has already done.

So when I started to consider a name for this blog, reVerb came quite easily. We are responding to God’s word moving in and through us.

If you are visiting this blog, it is most likely because you are responding to the Word that you heard this past Sunday. Of course, you don’t hear the Word of God (though you can read it linked to this page); rather you will hear my homily as a commentary on the Word, as it was heard this past Sunday.

The idea is quite simple: Catholics rarely take notes during Mass, so I thought it might be helpful to record my homilies so you can hear them again, or in the case of those who are ill or far away, you now have access to a homily you didn’t hear before.

This blog is also an easy way to share what you are learning with your friends and family who do not come to church. You an either listen online or subscribe to the RSS Feed and download it to your portable media player (see the next page for those instructions).

In the end, all I ask in return is that you pray for me as I do my best to interpret the Word of God for myself and those around me.

Many blessings,

Fr. Chris Valka, CSB



  1. Fr. Chris, Thank you for becoming a priest. You give fantastic messages. I sent this address to my four grown kids who probably won’t listen, to my fallen away sister, to my parents who’s parish priest is pretty stale to them, to an Aunt in Utah and a retired priest friend in Phoenix. So far only the priest has listened, to your first Mission, and he will be forwarding it on to his friends.
    One of my son’s went to New Zeland and also drank tea. Hopefully when I tell hi you have been there, he will tune you in!
    I missed your first Mission, but will make the rest, and hopefully bring some of my kids.

    • Fr Chris,

      You have been the first priest on record (that I know of) that has been upfront and apologized on behalf of the church on so many different issues.
      I can’t tell how refreshing and eye opening that was for me. I searched for a home Parish and found Fr Tom and St Kenneth. I am so glad that he has added you to our Parish family.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom and spirituality with all of us. You have made a difference in my spiritual life. Thank you from my heart. May God bless you and keep using you as His vessel for all of us.

  2. Fr. Chris, How I wish I could attend the Mission nites. Driving at night is better left to the younger eyse. Thank you for giving us this chance to add to our preparation for the Big Day coming at the end of this year’s Lent. You have been a blessing to Fr. Tom, giving him room to breathe, and truly a blessing to our wonderful parish of St. Kenneth. You slid so easily to our ways -young and older – and even more easily into our hearts. Thank you so much for all the joy you are giving to our Fr. Tom and to all of us “in the pew” as we say.

  3. Father Chris, I stumbled upon your online discussions and blog/podcast from a link from the Diocese of Monterey. The little parish here has for a long time recorded one of the weekend Masses to tape, originally intended for ‘shut ins’, I got involved in the ‘recording ministry’ about five years ago when we decided to put the recordings on CDs! Three years ago, due to a parishoner who relocated to New Zealand I got involved and put recordings of the readings and our pastors homily up as a Podcast, we’re putting up seasonal retreats, talks by the Pastor, and other things now. From iTunes do a search for Spreckels and then go to St. Josephs Spreckels podcast, we’re getting better with audio quality recently. Keep up the good work Father Chris!

  4. Hello Father Chris;

    I have enjoyed your homilies and wise words of wisdom. You speak from the heart and you do warm the hearts of others – everyone is thankful to Father Tom for sharing this great parish with you. We indeed are grateful and thank God for you and Father Tom.

    You are only 7/8 months since Ordination and you are doing great! Thanks Father Chris.

    Bud Boyce

  5. Father Chris, do you post your current homilies? I am very interested in today’s (Feb.27, 2011)? Thank you, lucille j mcdonald

    • Lucille, I do not post the text, but the audio is linked at the bottom of every post. You can listen to them through any media player.

  6. Dear Fr. Chris, I just wanted to thank you for opening up your heart to others with the sharing of your believes and knowledge. I appreciate this blog and how it has strengthen my spirituality. Due to medical issues beyond my control this past year I
    no longer drive therefore limiting me to attend my neighborhood parish. This is just fine but being able to download your homilies gives a special added touch to my week.Thanks

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