Baccalaureate Mass – UST 2018

May 19, 2018


The linked homily was given to the Graduating Class of 2018 of the University of St. Thomas  in Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral in Houston, Texas.  

Follow Me.  No doubt you have heard these words many different times and from many different peoplein your life.  And you will hear them again, but starting today, I dare say that they are not so much of a command, as they once were, but a choice.

If not this weekend, at some point in the near future, your academic career will end.  Though I pray you never stop learning, it will no longer occur in a classroom or with the assistance of a syllabus.  The schedule you have known and the assigned instructors you have received now open up to a plethora of choices.  Follow me, they will say.  The choice about who you follow is perhaps the most important of all, because from them, you will learn what, who and how to love.

In this way, our Gospel is a bit deceiving because it seems to imply that life is first about who you love before it is about who you follow. Do you love me, Jesus asks.  It is tempting to think that our activity begins with our answer to this question, but we have to remember that today’s reading is from the end of John’s Gospel.


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