Third Sunday of Easter

April 16, 2018


What are the themes we hear in our Easter Readings?  What kinds of things come up as listen to the stories of the early church now forming? (I mentioned a few last week:  all was in common, the loved one another, awe and wonder)  Today we hear two, if not more:  community and peace.  In these early days, we hear how the apostles came together – often in fear, which can be quite similar to awe.  And so when Jesus came among them, he said, “Peace be with you”.

Peace is one of those tricky words – a lot like love.  Peace doesn’t mean no conflict – peace means that we will not lose our ground should conflict occur.  Peace does not mean clear sailing or an easy path; the peace of Christ means that though bad things may happen, we trust that all will be as it needs to be, allowing our heart and mind to be at ease.  Peace is like standing in the eye of a hurricane – the calm in the chaos.

Community, Awe, and Peace.  This is Easter.  This is the effect of the resurrection.  This is redemption of our sinfulness.  Because as we have explored before – our sin leads us to believe that we are alone, that we are disconnected from God and each other.  Healing occurs when we know that we belong.  Grace is found in our connection to each other.


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