The Solemnity of Christ the King

November 20, 2016


It is easy to miss the significance of our first reading today, for in only a few lines, it references a defining series of events in salvation history.  It ends with the anointing of David as King of Israel.  This would prepare the way for Christ, who we celebrate as King today.  But David also represents a painful lessoned learned for there was a time when the people wanted a King of their own making rather than one of God.

God warned them that their desires would lead them astray – their desires to be like other countries.   But rather than trust in God, they trusted in their own.  And for a time, all was well, but as with all relationships – this distancing is so very subtle.  But God did not abandon them.  God brought them back.  David represents that come back moment – A king of their own and anointed by God.

But of course, David was flawed as well – as we all are.   Even the best of leaders will never be our savior.  It is the simple and powerful message of this solemnity.

But this solemnity and that message also always leaves me with a basic question:  why do so many people continue to look for salvation and solace outside the Church?  Why is our relationship with God so often decentered by other relationships – with people, work, activities and the like?  We could also ask why we look to politicians, CEO’s, and priests as our saviors?  Even in our entertainment, we flock towards the super heroes to protect us from evil.  All of this seems to absolve us of our own responsibility to act.

CLICK HERE for the readings for 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Malachi 3:19-20; Psalm 98; 2 Thessalonians 3:7-12; Luke 21:5-19)


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