Fifth Sunday of Easter

April 24, 2016


Our Gospel today reminds us that we are called to love one another. If you have been paying really close attention, you will find this command is part of the great theme of the Easter season.

Love leads us, we said a few weeks ago. Love expands with use.

The experience of the resurrection is not something that we can comprehend – that we can understand; it is something that we experience – that is felt at our core. Belief is stronger than knowledge – not that it contradicts it – but it does transcend it. Belief starts what we know and meets us where we are at, and then takes us to the place in our soul where hope and joy dwell.

As we have been discussing over the past few weeks, the Apostles and early Christian experience of the resurrection required a courageous choice to forget the pain of their loss – to return to the lives they once knew – to return to fishing or walk back to Emmaus. Or to be lead by love . . . and become creators – to dare to think and do something that has never been done before. To become cultivators – who nourish the best of what people before them have done.

“Do you love me?” Jesus asked Peter. Then feed my sheep and tend my lambs. Then don’t just speak to the Jews, but feed everyone – the Gentiles and eventually everyone to then ends of the Earth.

Love leads us – it gives us the courage to stretch out our hands and be led to that place which we would rather not go, but how do we know we are going the right way?  This is what discernment is all about.

CLICK HERE for the readings for the Fifth Sunday of Easter (Acts 14:21-27; Psalm 145; Revelations 21:1-5; John 13:31-35)


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