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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 25, 2015


Notice what happens in today’s Gospel: Jesus is with his disciples in a crowd. A beggar cries out to him, but not just any beggar: he has a name – Bartimaeus, Son of Timaeus.

Likewise, this beggar doesn’t just cry help to anyone on the street. He too recognizes and addresses Jesus by name.

As a result, Bartimaeus was healed – his faith in Jesus saved him. And from this story, we learn that mercy has a name.

In fact, you might say this is one of the great lessons of the Gospel – for Jesus continually challenged followers of the law to realize that while it was (and is) important – it alone will not save you. We are saved by a relationship – a belief in the saving power of Christ.

CLICK HERE for the readings for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Jeremiah 31:7-9; Psalm 126; Hebrews 5:1-6; Mark 10:46-52)


29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 18, 2015


“Teacher, we want you do to do for us whatever we ask of you.” The hutzpah! Can you imagine going up to Jesus and asking him to grant whatever you wish??? But then again . . . I wonder how many of us have prayers like this?

One of my favourite lines from a Basilian comes from Fr. Edmund McCorkell who said, “The secret to getting what you desire, is to desire the right things.”

Most us pray for some kind of result, I think. We pray for a conclusion of some kind: a job, healing for a loved one, a child to return to the faith, acceptance into a degree program. We want answers, but I have learned that in hindsight, I wasn’t ready for the answers when I thought I was, and so God gave me grace and power instead.

CLICK HERE for the readings for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Isaiah 53:10-11; Psalm 33; 4:14-16; Mark 10:35-45)


28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 11, 2015


I want you take just a moment and consider the following questions: When you go to bed at night and get up in the morning, what do you think about? When you have coffee with a friend, what do you talk about? When you have free time (and we all do!), who or what gets your attention? After you have paid all your bills, where does the money go?

This is to ask: what or who do you love? Not by the words off your lips, but by your actions?

I ask this, because this Gospel is not about wealth; rather it is about love. What must I do to inherit eternal life? Jesus answers, you must love God and your neighbor above all else.

Money wasn’t the rich man’s problem because money is bad. Believe me – money is good and necessary. But for this man – it was what he loved most.

What do you love most? And do your actions support that?

CLICK HERE for the readings for 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Wisdom 7:7-11; Psalm 90; Hebrews 4:12-13; Mark 10:17-30)


27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 4, 2015


A fundamental Catholic perspective on the world is that of communion. Each one of us as individuals reflects in the image of God in that we are co-creators and heirs. We have a unique ability among the created to act against our instincts – we possess reason to a higher degree. Our mind is capable of imagination – of the abstract. We are capable of contemplation – of a special knowledge of God.

However, even with all of these gifts, God is simply too immense to be reflected in anyone of us alone. Rather it is in communion – in relationship with one another and with all of creation – that we most accurately represent the greatness of God.

The words that we hear in our reading today, are the same words Pope Francis reflected on last week in his address to families: “it is not good for you to be alone. The family is the great blessing from God who did not want to abandon us to the solitude of a life without others, without challenges, without a home. God does not dream by Godself, God tries to do everything ‘with us.’” In our families we come to understand who we are – before we go out into the world to understand what we are called to do.

CLICK HERE for the readings for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Genesis 2:18-24; Psalm 128; Hebrews 2:9-11; Mark 10:2-16)