24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 13, 2015


One of my favourite questions to ask people is a word association with the Catholic Church. What words or phrases or images to you associate with Catholicism?

Of course, the associations voiced are quite different for Catholics and non-Catholics, but often I think they are actually quite similar – one is just more polite than the other.

In response to this, you can start to understand why Jesus asked the disciples, “Who do they (or you) say that I am? Notice, he didn’t ask them about teachings or rules or traditions or anything of the sort; rather he asked about a person – he asked how we define this relationship?

When people talk about the church, they typically speak about it as an organization, but it is actually a rather unhelpful description. Because it is much more like a family, and if we think about this way – then all of the sudden it is not about rules, performances and hierarchies – it is about motivations, complementarity and spheres of influence.

CLICK HERE for the readings for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Isaiah 50:5-9; Psalm 116; James 2:14-18; Mark 8:27-35)


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