23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

September 7, 2014

LOVE IN DIVERSITY Today’s readings are extremely practical, for they offer instruction about how we are to resolve our conflicts with one another. The Gospel tells us if you are in conflict with a person, or feel that person has caused you harm, then you must first confront that person.

Now that isn’t what we like to do is it? What do we like to do? (go tell someone else – do you know what she did?) Or if we are at work, we go to the person above the person who caused us harm so that they can be corrected. Of course we do, because we don’t like conflict.

Now to be clear, the Gospel says that this approach of talking to others is okay, but ONLY AFTER you have tried to confront the person directly. This, by the way, is a basic tenant of Catholic Social Doctrine as well: Subsidiarity is a principle that says all problems should be dealt with at the most immediate or local level.

CLICK HERE for the readings for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Ezekiel 33:7-9; Psalm 95; Romans 13:8-10; Matthew 18:15-20).


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