Second Sunday of Easter

April 27, 2014


I once heard it said that these two men bookend the Second Vatican Council. Now, St. John XXIII opened the Council, and St. John Paul II implemented it. Perhaps that is up for debate, but without question these two men have shaped the modern church that we know today. They are quite different – one championed by the left wing of the Church and the other by the right.

Without question, Pope Francis is trying to create some harmony, some unity through this double canonization, but I also think it is a good reminder for us in all areas of life: that we always need both. We need people to push towards the left and the right if we are ever going to have a healthy middle.   The tension is important for it is what keeps us testing the boundaries of our comfort zone. This is as true to academic and civil politics as it is for those the church.

CLICK HERE for the readings for Second Sunday of Easter (Acts 2:42-47; Psalm 118; 1 Peter 1:3-9; John 20:19-31).


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