Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

February 9, 2014


This Sunday, we are once again reminded of our responsibility to the world. We are reminded that our faith is not simply for our own salvation, but actually only works if it assists the salvation of others.

Our first reading from Isaiah tells us that we are share, shelter, and clothe – and in doing so, we will heal our own wounds.

Of course, we often don’t do this very well for we can often succumb to our fear and weakness. This is precisely the admission that even the great St. Paul makes in our second reading to the Corinthians.

But we must never lose sight that the world depends on us in order to become what it is meant to be. Jesus tells us in our Gospel that we are to be salt and light and a city set on a hill. If we lose our potency, our brightness, then how will the world preserve what is most important and see what is worth seeing?

CLICK HERE for the readings of the Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Isaiah 58:7-10; Psalm 112; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5; Matthew 5:13-16).


One comment

  1. Dear Fr. Chris,


    Thank you for this beautiful and profound homily. It kept me reflective as the salt of the earth and city on a hill.I have heard this Gospel many times since childhood, aware of the salt of the earth, but never as a city on a hill. Only through your homily that I realized this truth from Jesus’ teaching-that I am a city on a hill.

    It seems to tell me or as an answer to my question in prayer “why do some people especially women or mothers would come to me and ask for my prayers and thanked me as a lector.” In fact, there were times that at a given moment (sometimes) I did not know how to take on these scenario when two or three even four at a time people hovered around me to speak to me especially after Mass. I wondered why? So, is this being a city on a hill? Or is it as a lector, as these people have said to me that when they heard the Reading it struck them because it is so clear to their understanding.

    It is so clear as well from your homily- the meaning of the Gospel Reading. RE: Thanks for the blessings -that is you – in Jesus’ Name!

    God’s blessings,


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