Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

January 26, 2014


Over Christmas, I started watching the series, Once Upon a Time, now in its third season.  It is a television series about a time when all the fairy tale characters we know come to live in our present day world, only they do not know who they are.  Though I am not a huge fan of fairy tales, I have been captivated by the imagination and brilliance of the storyline.

The Bible is about keeping a conversation alive about a different kind of reality – not a reality centered around magic like our fairy tales, but indeed a world of imagination enhanced by a Holy power.

As much as I appreciate technology, I think it helps us to forget that such miracles are possible.  The kind of miracles that are not ultimately dependent on us; that are not about achieving an end, but about enjoying the time it takes to wrap our collective consciousness around something beyond our imagination.

God comes to us in our every day lives.  When we start to realize this, then we will realize that this world is not so sad, but indeed quite magical.

CLICK HERE for the readings of the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (Isaiah 8:23-9:3; Psalm 27; 1 Corinthians 1:10-13-17; Matthew 4:12-23).


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