The Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

January 1, 2014


Today we continue our Octave of Christmas as we celebrate into the New Year.  Today we encounter Mary, with the shepherds gathering around her.  We hear that she pondered all these things in her heart.

But what was she pondering?  More importantly, what are we pondering?  Or better yet, what brings us wonder?

Next time you walk down the street, take notice of how many people are plugged in.  I am betting that you will see 8 out of 10 people on their phones or with earbuds in their ears.  More information. . . more sound. . . more things to keep us from wonder.  More things to keep us from self-reflection; to keep us from ourselves.  More things to keep us from pondering like Mary.

But this is not bad, for there is a solution. . .



  1. Thanks. I will wonder. And not give up hope.

  2. Dear Fr. Chris, Happy New Year to you. I just listened to your homily for today-Solemnity of the Blessed Mary, Mother of God. It’s a wonderful and great homily. I thank you for this wonderful homily and guided me on how to listen to it with pondering. Is wondering and pondering need to be from the Bible? Can I do this pondering with in the silence of my place? Most of the time I just ponder and wonder of God’s steps in the quietness of my environment. I could feel Him walking in my condo. And that’s a whole day! Then I wonder if God really listen to our dialogue in silence. Even though I wonder (it seems) that I sensed Him to have heard me. I believe it’s my type of praying to Him.
    Yes, you are right that anywhere we go every one is plugged to something outside of him or her- modern tech. And I feel so sad and sometimes negative feelings why man misuse the gift of creativity, misuse of his intelligence by the use of modern technology which substitute a person’s direct contact with God in silence. Too much chatter around me sometimes I questioned if God allows this cell phones, Ipod, smart phones, texting, etc. Do I have a paradigm switch from my personal experience as mentioned above to a reality that I sometimes couldn’t grasps if all of these are part of His plan . I hope I am making sense to you, Fr. Chris. Thank you for your time.
    You are a breath of fresh air at St. Basil’s. God’s blessings. Rosemary

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