Sermon Series: The Eucharist

October 25, 2013


Based on Ronald Rolheiser’s book of the same name, the following five homilies were given to the Noon time Mass during the working days of the week to the usual attendants from local businesses.

Prompted by the readings of the day and based on the excerpts of Rolheiser’s book, the congregation considered the Eucharist in its own context with a deeper understanding.  The five sermons are as follows (and should be listed to as one sermon):

SERMON ONE:  THE RESIDENCE OF GOD (Exploring the Real Presence of the Eucharist)

SERMON TWO:  CALLED INTO SERVICE FROM WHERE WE ARE (Exploring the tensions of knowledge and spirituality present at Mass)

SERMON THREE:  A CELEBRATION OF FAMILY LIFE (Exploring the Eucharist as a family meal and ritual)

SERMON FOUR:  ADORING THE EUCHARIST (Exploring Eucharistic Adoration)

SERMON FIVE:  THE SOURCE AND SUMMIT OF FORGIVENESS (Exploring the relationship between the two sacraments of Communion and Reconciliation)

Rolheiser, Ronald.  Our One Great Act of Fidelity:  Waiting for Christ in the Eucharist.  Toronto:  Doubleday, 2011.


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