A Celebration of Thanksgiving

October 9, 2013


I have this habit of asking people of what they have learned just about anytime they have completed something.  As a teacher, I am not nearly as interested in what you have studied as I am what you have learned – this is true of your own teachers.

As a matter of fact, I often ask myself the same question:  for the last 5 years, at the end of every year, I go back over every email, every homily, every book summary and the rest, and reflect on what I have learned over the past year.  I also do the same after I finish one assignment and before I begin another.

It is a far more interesting question:  what you have learned. . . vs. what you study or what you are interested in or what you do, because it also tells me what you study and interested in and do – only in a more truthful manner.

This weekend we will give thanks, but for what?  Don’t say what you have, speak of what you have learned?  How you have grown?  How have loved?   How you have thanked?

This Homily was given to the young women of St. Joseph’s College School in Toronto using the following readings:  Colossians 3:15-17; Psalm 96 and Matthew 7:7-12)


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