Second Sunday of Easter

April 8, 2013


In the beginning of the Gospel, we are confronted with challenging words from Jesus.  Appearing to the Apostles hidden in the Upper Room, Jesus challenges them to be courageous.  “Peace be with you,” he says.  In other words, do not be afraid; do not hide up here; instead, receive the the Holy Spirit.  And then Jesus tells them that what they forgive, will be forgiven; and what they retain, will be retained.

Such power.  We have been given such power.

It takes real courage to admit the power we do have.  Too many times, we are like Peter, or like Thomas – we deny, we doubt our own abilities.

Just as the Father sent Jesus, so too does Jesus send you.  And trust me, God does not send you because you are weak.  You are stronger than you know. . . Just like Peter and the apostles.

CLICK HERE  for the readings for the the Second Sunday of Easter: (Acts 5:12-16; Psalm 118; Revelation 1:9-13,17-19; John 20:19-31)


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