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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 30, 2012


Our readings this week provide the Biblical undertones of the Mass. John’s account of the multiplication of the fishes and loaves is foreshadowed in 2 Kings where Elisha’s own confidence that the food God provides will be enough to feed everyone.

These two texts offer a template for the Mass as it has existed throughout the centuries – a template by which Jesus gathers people together; where they will be taught and feed by the word and food of God.

Last week, we left off with Jesus teaching for he pitied them – they were like sheep without a shepherd.

And now we hear John’s account of the multiplication of the loaves – it is his version of the institution narrative. The Biblical basis for the Mass.

These readings are complimented by Paul’s letter to the Ephesians instructing them how to live their baptism in the company of each other – with gentleness, humility and patience, bearing one another in love and striving for peace and unity.

CLICK HERE for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time: (2 Kings 4:42-44; Psalm 145; Ephesians 4:1-6; John 6:1-15)


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 22, 2012


In our Gospel today, Jesus and his apostles gathered after their work was complete. They had worked hard – so hard that they did not even have a chance to eat and so Jesus tells them to go away by themselves and rest – Jesus told them to go on retreat.

But the people were so desperate for their instruction that they did not allow the Apostles to leave.

Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians elaborates why: because Christ, and all who preached his words, were breaking down the walls that divide them.

Christ was fulfilling the the prophecy we hear from Jeremiah today: that God will gather the remnant of his flock and raise up a righteous shoot of David.

And that shoot would be known as The Lord Our Justice.

CLICK HERE for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time: (Jeremiah 23:1-6; Psalm 23; Ephesians 2:13-16; Mark 6:30-34)


15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 16, 2012


This is one of the great Gospels in our tradition for it tells us what we are supposed to do and how we are to do it. For just as Jesus calls and send the 12, so does Jesus call and send each of us, for we are descendants of the them.

But I wonder how many of you can imagine being sent out as Jesus sends the twelve?

It almost seems like a bit of an initiation ritual and perhaps it was. Not only are the apostles being formed in the type of work they are to do: Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and drive out demons; but they are also learning how to do it – to rely, not on their own resources, but on those provided by God through others.

CLICK HERE for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time: (Amos 7:12-15, Psalm 85, Ephesians 1:3-14, Mark 6:7-13)


13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 1, 2012


In today’s Gospel, Jesus performs two miracles as he raises the Official’s daughter from the dead and heals the hemorraging woman.

According to the laws and customs of first-century Jews, both acts should have rendered Jesus unclean, but they did not.

Rather by healing them, Jesus implicitly renders the end of Law of Leviticus. This Sunday, Jesus reminds us that the new Israel would not be defined by rituals and prescriptions, but rather, it is in relationship to Christ that Israel will be defined.

CLICK HERE for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time: (Wisdom 1:13-15, 2:23-24; Psalm 30; 1 Corinthians 8:7, 9, 13-15; Mark 5:21-43)