Presentation: Faith Formation in a Digital Age

June 30, 2012


Presented at the 2012 Global Conference for Chaplains in Higher Education at Yale University.  

Anyone who works with university students know that, while many of them want to learn more about how to live their faith authentically, they are not likely to do anything more that feels like classwork.  Thus, we must adapt our delivery mechanisms to occur in the “in-between” moments of their lives.  Using alternative medias, such as podcasts and blogs, campus ministers, professors and student leaders can provide a virtual learning environment that builds stronger communities.

Most users of technology and media ultimately fail to bridge the gap between faith and reason, action and contemplation, or personal and community faith practices because it is understood as a resource for individuals rather than communities.  However, when used correctly, technology and media serve as a point of introduction to tailor-made applications and discussions for students and community groups.

LINK:  PBS Frontline:  “Digital Nation”

LINK:  TED Talk with Sherry Turkle


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