Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

February 20, 2012


Thus says the Lord (through Isaiah) – remember not the events of the past; the things of long ago consider not; see I am doing something new!

Our message this Sunday is a hopeful one – a setting quite fitting just before we begin Lent.  It is one of sinfulness and forgiveness.

We hear in Isaiah, Though we have burdened God with our sins, God wipes them away.

In our second reading to the Corinthians, God is the God who says yes, contrary to our world that believes God is too often about no.  To the contrary Paul explains that God only says no to our no – to our sin.  God cannot say yes for us, but will create a space in which we will.

And in the Gospel, the paralytic is lowered in through the roof – healed and then cured.  And we are reminded, how much easier the forgiveness of sins comes for God than for us.

CLICK HERE for the Readings for the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: (Isaiah 43:18-19,21-22,24b-25; Psalm 31, 2 Corinthians 1:18-22; Mark 2:1-12)


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