Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board Parent Conference

October 29, 2011


Parents expect a lot from their children’s school, especially if it is a Catholic School.  Good Catholic Schools are to form a foundation beyond the temptations of skill development for purely utilitarian ends.  Specifically, Catholic schools are to help form the human person – preparing children for a life lived fully and imparting in them, wisdom.

But what about the home?

The challenge all parents accept upon the baptism of their children is the education of the child in the Catholic faith.  In every way, the home is the most important set of classrooms a child will ever know.  It is the living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchens of our homes that are the primary classrooms.  In these rooms, a child will learn the application of what the knowledge they obtain in schools and churches.

Together, let us explore the curriculum, expectations and modern challenges of these great classrooms of Catholic Education.


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