15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 10, 2011


If there was one word you would use to describe Christianity, what would it be?

The imagery of rain, snow, pregnancy and seeds creative a powerful message for us this morning.

All of these images are life-giving, but only in time.   Therefore it is quite fitting for the authors to use these images as metaphors for the Christian life.

Paul tells us that all creative lives in hope.  In fact it is groaning in labor pains – a hope longed for with such intensity that it is almost painful.  I think this is, indeed, our world.

However, what is not included in today’s reading from St. Paul is what comes directly after the section we heard today:  ‘In hope we were saved.  But hope is not hope if its object is seen; how is it possible to hope for what one sees?  And hoping for what we cannot see means awaiting with patient endurance.’

Translation:  if you want to live the Christian life – if you want to be a person of hope – you better get good at waiting and learn a little patience.

CLICK HERE for the Readings for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time: (Isaiah 55.10-11; Romans 8.18-23; Matthew 13.1-23)


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