Fourth Sunday of Advent

December 19, 2010


The great German writer and thinker Von Goethe wrote, “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”  It is one of my favorite quotes and theme for our readings today.

In our first reading, we find Ahaz, the young king of Judah who is about to be attacked by the Assyrian army.  Obviously he is a bit nervous and so God appears to Ahaz and tells him “to ask for anything, be it as deep as the netherworld or as high as the sky”

But Ahaz declines the offer.  You see, Ahaz is somewhat of a skeptic.  He believes in his own abilities more than the ability of God.

The problem with Ahaz is that is thought too small.  He was only willing to see what was immediate and in his control.  He couldn’t dream big.

Which brings us to Joseph.  Joseph stands in contrast to Ahaz.  Ahaz who believed in his own ability and Joseph who believed in God’s – even when it made so very little sense.

What allows for one to dream such dreams and another not to?  Perhaps there are several things, but I think many of them come down to time.

CLICK HERE for the Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Advent: (Isaiah 7.10-14; Romans 1.1-7; Matthew 1.18-24)


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