Message to Assumption Parish

December 6, 2010


When the Pharisees and Sadducees approached John the Baptist, they challenged what he was doing.  You see, they believed that their salvation came through the ancestry to Abraham.  But John told them that this would no longer do.  They had to change their ways, repent and prove their repentance by their works.

He was preparing the way for something better, but it required change.  Then Jesus came, not to begin a new religion, but to fulfill the laws of Judaism.  Christianity is a result of those who recognized the need for change – that the old law was no longer enough.  And Christianity grew because the apostles reached out to the gentiles (those outside their community), despite the anger and frustration from those who already belonged.

You see, Christianity is all about change.  Over the years, the Church has undergone enormous changes, and it will continue to do so.  Why?  Because every person that joins our family of faith brings their own contribution.


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