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Summer Schedule

June 11, 2010

Due to various travels and duties during the summer months, I will often not be preaching while at Mass.  I ask for your prayers during these next few months as my Congregation gathers for a General Chapter, during which we will elect new leadership for our Congregation.  This process will be complete towards the end of July and I will once again resume a regular preaching schedule.  So until then, may God continue to nourish your heart and mind.  Blessings.


How do we “Carpe Diem?”

June 11, 2010


I imagine that many people believe that they can make an impact on the world, but secretly in the back of our minds – we believe that there is a little more that we need before we can do it.

There is a movie that I love entitled “Pay It Forward” about a teacher who gives an assignment to his 6th grade social studies class:  “Think of an idea to change our world and put it into action”  Of course, the students react that it is so weird, hard, etc.  But he believes that the realm of possibility exists in your mind.  And if that is the case – then the ability of change the world lies in each one of us.

The question is what do we do to carpe diem – to seize the day?

1.  We must know what needs seizing; 2.  We must feed our imagination; 3.  Eliminate Obstacles; 4.  Be prepared for setbacks.

At the end of the day, when we find we can no longer change our situation, we must change ourselves, but that is a whole other conversation.


Corpus Christi Sunday

June 6, 2010


Many people find the Eucharist hard to understand or believe.  How does bread become body?  In the simplest of terms, terms are precisely the problem.  We do not have the metaphysical language that society used to understand and so we are confused.

At the heart of the Eucharist is a question of what is real?

We must see beyond the physicality of our world and each other if we are to understand who and what we really are.

This Sunday is an invitation for us to see the story in each other, beyond our physical attributes.  It is also an invitation to better understand our own body and its connect to our soul.

Join us as we break open the Eucharist this Sunday so that we may understand it as more than just bread.

CLICK HERE for the Readings for the Corpus Christi Sunday: (Genesis 14.18-20; Ps 110; 1 Corinthians 11.23-26; Luke 9.11-17)