Palm Sunday

March 28, 2010


Due to the length and glory of the readings for Palm Sunday, there is no homily this week.  However, I will pass along the simple reminder that I gave to everyone at the parish:  Take time to pause this week.  This is the holiest week of the Church year, but too often we go about our usual business, at the usual pace until Good Friday.  Granted, the world does not stop, but we will we can only receive as much as we give.  Take some time to reflect on the characters of the Passion.  This year, which character relates to you?  Where you find yourself in this story?  What passages strike you as new or meaningful this year?  Take time to pause and reflect with your family.  This week, carve out a little extra prayer time, re-read the Passion, call up a friend and spend time with them.  Break your usual routine.

CLICK HERE for the Readings of Palm Sunday:  (Luke 19.28-40; Isaiah 50.4-7; Ps 22; Philippians 2.6-11; Luke 22.14-23.56 )


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