Fourth Sunday of Lent

March 14, 2010


Every time I read this parable, I am struck by an intricacy I didn’t notice before.  This time I noticed the reason Jesus told the parable in the first place.  I’ll bet you missed it – I know I have for years.  Jesus tells the story to the scribes and pharisees because they began to complain about all the sinners gathering around to listen to Jesus.

And while it is true that the story speaks about the sinner, it really is a story about God.  God is not in some house sitting in judgement; God is prodigal, that is, “wastefully extravagant.”

Nevertheless, we have much to learn from the two sons – one is lost, the other is self-righteous.  As for what they have to teach us?  Well, you will just have to listen to find out!

CLICK HERE for the Readings of the Fourth Sunday of Lent:  (Joshua 5.9, 10-12; Ps 34; 2 Corinthians 5.17-21; Luke 15.1-3, 11-32)


One comment

  1. Several weeks have passed but I continue to ponder the questions posed to us this day in your homily:
    How do I see God?
    How does God see me?
    I’m not sure what it says about me that the answers to the first question change almost daily while the
    answer to the second does not.
    You sure have a wonderful way of making us THINK!!

    Thank you,

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