Third Sunday of Lent

March 7, 2010


(Note:  The Readings for Year A were chosen due for the Scrutinies)

The Gospel story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well presents us with a reoccurring theme in John’s Gospel:  Belief in Jesus will save you but not before you are challenged by it.

For most of us, the challenge of faith is found in the continual conversion; that is, the surrender of self that happens through a constant alignment with God’s will.

If our faith is going to be transformative, then we must be aware of God’s presence in all aspects of our lives.  This will mean at times, we will go through “the motions” and at other times, we will be truly aware.

Thus, John’s story reminds us that conversion is a process, and we are to take some comfort in that.

CLICK HERE for the Readings the Third Sunday of Lent:  (Exodus 17:3-7; Ps 95; Romans 5:1-2, 5-8; John 4:19b-26, 39a, 40-42)


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