Lenten Mission Day Three

March 5, 2010

PERSONAL HURTS (Part Three of a Five Part Series)

Throughout this series, the underlying prayer and hope has been to reconcile all the things that keep us from, or diminish our relationship with God through the Church.  While the last two days have been somewhat foundational, day three focuses on the specific hurts caused by divorce, homosexuality and reproductive technologies.  Sadly, there are many misconceptions about the Church teachings on all three issues, so we seek to gain understanding so that we may move towards healing.

Join us as we explore why the Church teaches:

  • Divorce is NOT a reason to leave the Catholic Church;
  • Annulments do NOT invalidate children or say a marriage did not take place;
  • Homosexuality is NOT sinful, nor are they unwelcome in the Church;
  • and why reproductive technologies must be approached from the children’s, rather than the adults point of view.

In each issue, we address the spiritual side of Church teachings, as we ask ourselves what we can learn from the sufferings of others as well as our own.

(NOTE:  this recording is 56 minutes.  The first half is a 38 minute presentation and the second half is a question and answer period lasting 18 minutes)


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